About BrutusWear

Our Mission is to provide clothing and big boy gear for bears, beefy dudes, bubbas, cubs, chubs, hosses, rednecks, jocks, muscle men, powerlifters, bodybuilders, and beef of all shapes, sizes, colors and girth, and their admirers.

We don’t discriminate on any men of size. We’re all about masculine men; cater to all of them and the men who love them. We carry shirt sizes ranging from small all the way up to 6XL for the beefiest of bruisers.

Our founder is a big guy himself, so he understands the hassle of finding cool clothes in sizes that fit.  Brutus started this company as a way to support the big boy community.  He loves men of all sizes, shapes and credos. Brutus wants to support our community by providing an outlet for swank big boy gear for anyone who is a big guy or is into big guys.  Find Brutus at an event near you!

Our hope is that you’ll actively participate with us and our brand. After all, BrutusWear is for the big boy community, so your support at events and in social media helps big guys everywhere!  We love hearing  from you!  Gifted designers — submit samples of your artwork or send us a link to your online portfolio.  Send us fan pix of yourself wearing your BrutusWear and we’ll post them online!